5 products you need in 2019

Find the best products to spend your hard earn cash on. That will actually improve your life not waste it.
Shaun Lonergan
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As 2019 gets underway, we start the crawl back to the reality of our working lives. Why? So we can earn all the dollar bills, to buy more crap we don't really need. In this time of reflection, it is important to take a moment to assess what we are doing with our hard earned disposable income and if we are wasting our cash? If your anything like me, the answer to the above question is a hard YES, most of my disposable income goes towards lavish food binging and pointless impulse purchases. A habit I am to kick in the next year. Jokes aside, there are a number of amazing products out in the depths of the internet that can improve your daily life. More importantly, there are a number of products created by start-up businesses. Meaning you won't feel guilty about splurging because you know your money is going to a start-up rather than a greedy corporation.  

But how will I spend all the time needed to research and find such an amazing product? You don't, that is why you are reading this article because we have done the hard work for you. Here are Noisin’s top 5 start-up driven products to buy in 2019.

Away Luggage

If you don't travel much or follow travel bloggers, you may have not heard of Away Luggage. A company that has flipped the traditional luggage industry on its head. Away has taken a list of every issue a traveler experiences with traditional suitcases and solved them in one chic and modern product. They offer a full-size range from carrying on to large suitcases and all available in a number of chic colors. Each suitcase is jam-packed with innovative features that will make your travels as smooth as possible. Some may argue the design is pretty standard but the simplistic design leans to the straight forward design thinking behind the product.

Away Luggage product range
Image sourced from Away.com

Beyond their competitive pricing with luggage starting at $225 USD, their service offer is outstanding with 100 days money back guarantee and lifetime repair policy. Even if you're not 100% sold on the idea of bougie high flying luggage, you have nothing to lose really. Along with an unbreakable polycarbonate shell, 360° Hinomoto wheels, and an interior compression system, Away has just solved two major pain points while traveling, i.e. charging devises while traveling and dividing between dirty and clean cloths. Solved with a hidden laundry bag and an ejectable battery that charges your phone for you 5x. Hallelujah, your travel prays answered.

All in all, if you are regular globe trotter or just wanted to live your best travel-blogger life. Get your hands on Away Luggage for all your travel needs.

Also if you're a self-obsessed millennial like myself, you can add a hand painted monogram on to your suitcase to have that personalized experience.

Away Luggage on the street
Image sourced from Away.com

Prepd PACK

Let's be honest, the idea of an adult lunch box is pretty naff. No grown man wants to show up to the office with a tin box plastered with cartoon characters or a collapsible bag. It's gross and in poor taste. Even the brands that claim to deliver design-focused lunch boxes either resemble a soldier’s ration pack or belong in a sci-fi movie, and leaves functionality behind.

Now debating the capabilities of food containers may seem a small issue, however, the effectiveness of this product can save you money. Eating out every day is expensive and you have a limited understanding of the food you’re consuming. Not to mention the shit tone single use plastic rubbish you creating with your lazy lunchtime habits.

Prepd Pack colour range
image sourced from Prepd Pack

Lucky a smart team of people decided to solve this issue and deliver us with the launch box for the modern age. Prepd Pack is a clever little container that infuses tech, design, nutrition, and functionality to make the lunchtime dash simple and enjoyable.

First of all, the exterior design is slick, clean, and modern. Once you open the curved bamboo lid you discover a nifty assembly of the container to store all of your boring ass gym food. All the containers fit together like a perfect game of Tetris, allowing you to build the perfect lunch combo, minus the soggy bread.

Prepd Pack food containers
Image sourced from Prepdpack.com

The Prepd team have designed a number of nimble accessories to match the clever lunch box design, Including magnetized cutlery and slim cooling bars that slide into the sides of the Prepd box.

The product looks and feels great, but the genius of the Prepd Pack is in the length the design team has gone to make Prepd a lifestyle change rather than another fad trend. Accompanying the products is the Prepd app, your one stop shop for amazing food creations, ones that fit perfectly into the interlocking containers. Going beyond a lunch box design, Prepd Pack is your meal prep bestie ensuring you stay healthy, help reduce waste and look fly as fuck on your way to work.

Quip toothbrush

The next product in our breakdown has been dubbed the Telsa of the electric toothbrush world. The brush definitely matches a Tesla in design, usability and looking futuristic, but the price tag is a far more realistic one. Designed by the "social" dentist AKA Dr. Daniel Rubinstein Quip toothbrush filled the gap in transportable, user-friendly and stylish electric toothbrush. Matched with a subscription model that keeps your dental needs stocked up every three months, you can't find a more effective electric toothbrush option on the market. We all know how my millennials love a subscription, but this one is not a complete waste of money and will actually improve your health, ensuring you have fresh paste and toothbrush heads when you need them. Once you purchase the device for $22 - 40 dollars (depending on your design choices) you will receive a little Quip package every three months with a new head, battery, travel toothpaste, and a large tub. Everything you need for that white smile to showcase on the social media feeds.

Quip Toothbrush selection
image sourced from quip.com

The Think Egg

Have you ever needed a moment to stop and just think about how lucky you are to be alive? Take a second out of your day to disconnect from the constant noise of calls, emails, texts, social media, and work. The answer for most of us is yes, a big fat yes, we all need to calm the fuck down. Well, the creators of the think egg agreed and developed a range of mental health aids to remind the overachievers to take a moment to breathe a little.

The product is nothing special, a small egg-shaped pebble that is made from various natural materials that invoke a particular emotion when holding them. Seems a little far-fetched, but the creator raised over $188,213 on Kickstarter. He definitely hit a nerve with overworked and highly strung individuals. The idea behind the Think Egg is to remind the owner to take a break from their demanding day and reflect on life, a mini-meditation if you like. You carry around the egg (in many cultures across the ages the egg has symbolized life, wealth and promise) with you, when you see or feel it the Think Egg triggers the owner to hold the egg, feel its surfaces, even play with the egg as a reminder to disconnect from the craziness of your demanding life.

When I first stumbled across this product I laughed a little, but the more I thought about my demanding schedule and lack of focus I have on mental health, the more the idea of the Think Egg became very appealing. A little gem of nature to help you be a better human.

Think Egg full range

CBD  everything

This is not so much a product as more a full-on trend that is only just getting started. CBD is a compound that is one of the 100's found in cannabis, derived from the cannabis plant. CBD is basically the small component that contains all the health benefits from cannabis minus all the high and stigma. The formula is jam-packed with benefits, with links to improving stress, mood, muscle soreness, sleep quality, and enhancing skin health. It can even calm the fuck out of your highly strung pets, what magic. The word 'may' is in play as there are many factors that contribute to your overall health. However, the number of studies on the positive benefits of CBD use have increased greatly in the past few years and that all points to one conclusion. CBD oil is a killer when it comes to chilling you the fuck out.

Soul CBD oil.

There is no surprise that many entrepreneurs and Instagram influencers alike have jumped on this trend, to pump out as many CBD products as possible. While CBD is a hot trend currently, the idea of CBD product use in your daily life definitely has legs. From CBD oil to bath bombs, the reach of the CBD trends has gone far. We recommend sticking to the OG product of CBD oil for beginners and then moving into CBD drinks. Here some of the best oil and drink recommendations to get your CBD hit.


NuLeaf Naturals (most concentrated)

Charlotte’s Web (best for calming)

Soul CBD (for daily dose)


Dirty Lemon (CBD Elixa)

Kickback COLDBREW (cold brew)

Cannawine (CBD wine)


Living That Life

5 products you need in 2019