Meditate your way to better

A few dam fine side effects to the amazing power of meditating that will help any guy be better at everything he does. They might surprise you how far mediation can go.
shaun Lonergan
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I hear you when you say ‘ ahh meditating, fuck me, whyyyyyy!’. I used to be the type of person who would roll my eyes at the meditation gurus and the yoga cohort, questioning their easiness to simply sit still and do nothing for an extended period of time. You could not tell me that a few minutes of ‘quiet time’ per day could lead to better overall health.

However, at a breaking point in my life, a therapist recommended I try meditation to help me calm the constant chatter in my brain. Something that could curtail the persistent self-talk and that sounded like sweet relief to me at the time. Now, 2 years on, I swear by meditation. I can pinpoint the low periods in my life to a lack of meditation. Meditation is a way to ground myself and calm my brain for one fucking second. Moreover once I investigated the number of benefits that meditation can deliver, I was pleasantly surprised at the surplus of good side effects I gained. Here are just 5 advantages that will definitely entice any guy to try meditation:

You have better sex:

Well not directly, it’s not like a 5 minute meditation session is going to turn you into a sex god. However, studies have shown that meditators (aka people that have a consistent meditation routine) have at least 40% higher levels of DHEA than those who don’t meditate. What is DHEA you may ask, it’s the hormone responsible for controlling the release of testosterone and estrogen, and these drop off naturally after age 25. It's not all bad news, as mentioned meditation can help unlock a natural DHEA boost that is far more effective than man-made supplements. AKA meditate your way to better sex.

You sleep better:

We have all experienced a night staring at the ceiling, followed by a day of zombie-like behavior due to our inability to shut down our chatty brain. While this brief glitch in your normal routine can affect you for a few days, long-term sleep deprivation can lead to a number of serious health issues.

How to combat a lack of sleep? Well, it may come as a surprise, that meditation is the number one remedy to help you switch off at night. The main factor is your ability to regulate your “Pons” and the neurochemical, "melatonin”. The Pons is the gatekeeper to rem sleep, the quality goods of your sleep cycle. Located at the top of your spinal cord, the Pons is the section of your brain  that regulates the production of the melatonin that regulates your sleep patterns. Now, what is the number one melatonin killer? stress. Don't stress, Rutgers University researchers have discovered that melatonin levels for meditation practitioners were boosted by an average of 98%. In short, meditation aids in the sustainability of your Pons and helps balance your melatonin production, allowing you to shift from your busy day to a restful night’s sleep.

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You can climb to the top at work:

If you find yourself lacking that extra spark at work, or if your job is boring as fuck. You may want to try meditation to give you that winning edge in the office or smash it at your next client meeting. A study by Katherine MacLean of the University of California, suggested that during and after meditation, peeps were more skilled at keeping focus, especially on meaningless boring tasks based on reputation. Another study demonstrated that even with only 20 minutes of meditation, students were able to improve their performance on tests of cognitive skill, in some cases doing 10 times better than non-meditators. Secondly, they performed better on information processing tasks designed to induce deadline stress. SO if you want to smash the competition at work or land that next deal, meditation can be your secret weapon.

It will make you a better lover:

Gents, I’m sure you have heard your partner bang on about how you're not connected or listening to them enough. This conundrum will most likely lead to an argument, which will leave you stressed out, confused about how you got there and sexless for a few days. What if there was a simple 20 minute technique that could solve your emotional issues without really trying? Well, you can, it’s called Meditation.

It's a slight exaggeration, however regular meditation can greatly benefit your emotional capabilities, leading you to be a far more connected lover. Think about it, stress makes you self-focus, you can’t think beyond your own anxiety and in turn, are less available for the person you love. Meditation gives you the ability to quiet the mind and control your stress impulse. If you have calm control of your mindset you're more likely to be available for your lover or lovers, however, you play the goblet.

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It can help you get ripped:

A lot of guys are obsessed with having ripped bodies, the type of toned body that you can only seem to achieve if you spend the majority of your life in the gym. Now as much as I preach the importance of exercise, I don’t have all day to pump irons and I love food far too much to restrict my intake. But for the bodybuilders and gym junkies alike there is some scientific evidence that practicing meditation daily can aid in muscle growth and recovery.

In one study, volunteers aged 18 – 34 were subjected to a stressful physical and mental test before and after a 4 month trial period, Tests were run to show the levels of:

1. Cortisol

2. Growth Hormone

3. Testosterone

The group was divided into two, one group meditated for 4 months, while the other did relaxation exercises.

The results were that the meditation group:

1. Had lower levels of baseline cortisol

2. Produced more growth hormone

3. Testosterone levels were not negatively affected by the stress test.

In the other group, testosterone levels decreased when subjected to the stress test again. In short, meditation aided in overall health and led to the body healing itself at a more rapid rate, AKA you get more ripped quicker.


Meditate your way to better