What does the success of Qantas drink cart sale, tells us about our current relationship to travel.

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What does the success of Qantas drink cart sale, tells us about our current yearning for travel and how business can tap into that emotion?
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Qantas has been busy dreaming up income streams in a post COVID world. After the sell-out success of their first-class pyjamas sale, the airline looked to their fleet of retiring Boeing 747. The brand was willing to salvage any scaps from the grounded planes. They stumbled across a gem in the form of their first-class drinks trolley.

I commend any business that pivots on a dime to completely transform their business to suit the current Covid-19 situation. It's impressive to see how customer relationships can adapt to new needs. Qantas has captured their customer's attention and wallets with the release of fully stocked 747 bar carts. A clever move to make some quick cash for a business that is currently making zero.

The Facts

The idea of housing a beaten up trolly is not that appealing. Even with 80 mini bottles of white and red wine, and one bottle of champagne from the business class cellar. Beyond the booze, and the "free" Pyjamas, Qantas is selling the idea of travel. An event we are all currently deeply missing.

Qantas drink cart sale
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Moreover, if the drink carts sale incurred in a non-COVID world, a sellout would not have occurred. So why did a few fork out hundreds of dollars for a busted up cart?

What it means

This is largely due to the lack of freedom we are experiencing. By freedom I mean our inability to function in a world we once knew, I'm not siding with any anti lockdown ideals. We are all missing the natural rhythm of our yearly routine. And we are desperate to create any connection to the golden days of travel. Where we could jump on a plane and explore the world.

The lack of travel reminds us all how segregated the world has become. Creating a longing for travel and connection. A longing strong enough for a few to fork out hundreds of dollars to buy retired drink trolleys. Preliminary, many buyers may have relished in the excitement of a value purchase. But on a deeper level, customers were desperate to relive a moment of travel and exploration.

We are all desperate to remember the days when International travel was apart of our norm. Qantas has cleverly found a stream of products that tap into our connection to travel. This sale deserves cheers, to smart business moves. And the hope that we can all enjoy the little bottle of wine on our next international adventure.


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What does the success of Qantas drink cart sale, tells us about our current relationship to travel.