10 Menswear Influencers to follow in 2020

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We did the hard work for you and curated ten menswear influencers to follow, who genuinely bring fashion content to the table and deserve, 5 seconds, of your attention. 
Shaun James
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There are a lot of fashion influencers and Instagram models that chase a whole lot of clout for followers and likes. The majority of them are crap and bring nothing to the table when it comes to fashion influence or experimenting with style.

Most menswear influencers are at best, pretty boys who have never grown up and crave superficial attention. However A pretty face gets attention, and it's just the world we live in.

But amongst the herd of crap style posers that bring no fashion inspiration to your content steams. I talking about you, the ripped jeans and luxury polo guy or the kid dripping in standard Gucci, I see you, you're not a style icon, you're basic. There are some genuine male or male adjacent fashion influencers that bring it when it comes to delivering solid menswear, inspiration, and innovation.

But how do you find them, and who the hell has the time? Well, We did the hard work for you and curated ten menswear influencers to follow, who genuinely bring fashion content to the table and deserve, 5 seconds, of your attention. 

1. Nickwooster

Nickwooster is the godfather of menswear and a legend in the game. This free fashion agent has consulted for the biggest names in luxury. He has carved a name for bringing creative sound input into campaigns, designs, and branding. While his style is not a jaw-dropping editorail approach, he is a master of the menswear silhouette and commanding a contemporary sartorial aesthetic. 

2. Yoon-ambush

Yoon my not be a man, and this list is for menswear, but she makes the cut based on her significant contributions to the menswear space. Most notably her work as Men Director of Jewelry at Dior. Where she has transformed the approach to men's jewelry, creating a sophisticated yet uniquely contemporary feel for the legacy brand. Creating jewelry that young men can be excited about, rather than the standard gold chain and heavy use of the precious metal. Also, she wears some dope unisex looks that can translate. So check out this transformative talent.

3. JoshDeanofficial

Josh Dean embodies the bad boy look, but with a genuinely good guy aesthetic. He is a stylish and charismatic staple of the Melbourne fashion scene, and for a good reason. Beyond delivering some serious creative talent with handmade wearable art produced for his label By Josh Deane, Josh also provides some serious menswear lookkkkssss. He's style intersects streetwear and punk, with a formal touch, he is refreshing, relevant and has a finger on the pulse of wearable menswear styles. Check him out.

4. theharperwatters

Harper Watters is the style guru of the dance world, aside from being an incredible talent ballet dancer and performer. He brings an elevated edge to his style (cough, cough); basically, he does everything in stiletto heels. From dancing on point to gliding in a two-piece suit, he does it all in various forms of heels. Another style leader who has pulled down the boundaries of gender styling. Beyond repping the dancer performer uniform, he is blending street astatic, with activewear and downing it with a touch of formal styling. He has an unusual take on fashion, and fuck-me it is refreshing. Also, he does the splits in a velvet suit and white heeled boats, can we ask any more of him at this point? 

5. Warrenla7

Warrenla7, is one of my top style leaders on Instagram, this bearded fashion agent, is not afraid of flexing and bending style boundaries. Hitting the sweet spot between high-end contemporary and authentic streetwear. His most noteworthy criteria are his ability to mix silhouettes while still holding an aesthetic that is masculine in nature. Furthermore, his selection to the smaller detail, accessories, shoes, and bags is what divides him from the crowd of influencers. He's overall looks are complete, suggestive, and play with the very fabric that makes menswear. We stand for Streetwear Bearded Guy.

6. Gallucks

Galluck embodies the modern London aesthetic that I want to see from a menswear influencer. Gathering utilitarianism, utility, and grunge aesthetic into one impressive menswear authority. If you need hints on how to style for the urban landscape look to Gallucks gram for influence and guidance

7. thepacman82

Phil Cohen is not your traditional fashion influencer; removing the subject from any power, he lets his creative eye and picture-perfect concepts to steal the show. Phil showcase neatly packaged flat layers for men's styles.  While the styling is very casual, it is slick and well-curated. He makes the list based on his commitment to his craft and his unique approach to showcasing style.

 8. soy_raka

The slick, vintage, and relaxed silhouette king hails in London should be your go-to if you're after effortless style or to become a layering master. Delivering style advice in the areas of soft tailoring, modern sartorial styling, and minimal street wear Soy-Raka account is a must if you want to cut down the chaos in your wardrobe. He remains close to current trends but always stays within his aesthetic, and defiantly understands the power of color when it comes to creating a masterful menswear look.  A must-follow for anyone wanting to achieve the European aesthetic or just to drool over his immaculate insta grid.

9. Streetstyleposer

One of the few genuine fashion bloggers in Australia that has an eye for color, current trends, and experimentation. He does not rely on the dapper style that has been done to death in the Australian scene. Henry is a leader in runway fashion, creating amazing looks with fresh season pieces and always experimenting with styles. Also, he is fucking hilarious and continuously pokes fun at the seriousness of the fashion world.  He is defiantly an influencer to follow if you want real fashion inspiration and bold statement looks.

10. Patrickchurchny

Patrick Church fame and popularity as an artist and designer has snowballed in the last few years. We even featured him as an emerging artist. His explorative, realism style into his mind and the world around him, partner perfectly with apparel design and his custom painted pieces have graced the bodies of numerous celebrities. But creative success aside, he is a killer style icon. Pulling from a multitude of styles and references, this man creates an anesthetic that is innovative and inviting to the viewer's eye. He is a person to follow if you are looking for an influencer to inspirer a shake-up of your wardrobe.


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10 Menswear Influencers to follow in 2020

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