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Our weekly dose of fresh thread from around the world. Designers you should know and cloths you should buy.This week we find AMXANDER.
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Your weekly dose of fresh thread from around the world. Shit, you should be filling your wardrobe with and designers you should know. This week we find AMXANDER the Urban niche brand that re-invented effortless casual street wear.

AMXANDER lastest collection
Image source from - SS19 Transistor Parallel

Amxander has been my radar for a few years now, quietly ticking along in the corner of my eye. I have had the pleasure of working with the lads from the team and their effortless casual aesthetic that is lent to the brand's designs is reflected in the personalities of Jason Alexander and Rong Chen. Noisin featured the brand in the Life On Mars editorial. The duo launched the label in 2015 with a goal of redefining the modern uniform and elevate the Australian menswear scene. The brand as a whole has a strong focus on print design and embroidery throughout all their collection. Often tantalizing the eye and dividing the silhouette with the carefully considered placement of details. Amxander is pro at transforming utility clothing into contemporary streetwear masterpieces.

They have an inherent ability to reflect culture transitions in their collections, keeping their finger on the pulse of the political and social issues. Which are cleverly woven into the detailing of every collection, to making subtle hints at social change? Their latest collection 'Transistor Parallel' features PARANOIA branded across sweaters and prints of Amxander TV dinners in comical cartoon form. A nod to the resurgence of the nuclear family and the paranoid state of world politic.... I think so.

AMXANDER paranoia sweater
Image sourced from - SS19 Transister Parallel

While being slightly political you will also be stylish AF. Amxander is refreshingly experimental in each collection while still remaining contemporary and wearable for all stylish gents. Beyond the silhouettes, of the standard menswear wardrobe, they move the boundaries forward through playing with proportions and sizing of styles. Clever detailing completes looks and brings an elevated edge to every piece the brand produces. They never feel the capacity to over dramatize styles and maintain the unformed ideas throughout their design offering. Basically meaning you can be the most normcore guy out there an still pick up an Amxander style and instantly fall in love.

Their social imprint is often polarising and culturally inclusive, a true mark of a contemporary label leading the way into the future. Every collection has hidden gems for the consumer to explore and the exploration the collection was built on is cared through to the media representation. A credit to the genius of the brand creators, showing a clear understanding of the youth consumer they are tapping into. Beyond the clever media messaging and intricate design detail, Amxander, is above all, WEARABLE. An attribute that is often missed by the majority of emerging menswear label. By all means being innovation to the design table, however, your customer still needs to be able to function in your clothing. Amxander walks the fine line between functionality and design with a masterful hand. Collections cohesively merge together,  while also work as individual pieces. Creating a profitable range for Amxander to build from.

AMXANDER let me see editorail
Image sourced from - SS17

The main downfall of this blooming menswear label is their location. Being based in Australia challenges there reach to the international market and ultimately hinders their ability to compete on the world stage.

Beyond this, I can't fault Amxander when it comes to design. This a brand to watch and to BUY. Their pieces are perfect for evaluating your streetwear vibes or making a purchase that files that urban niche to have been looking for in wardrobe. The range is competitive for a contemporary label that packs this much elevation into their designs.

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PROFILED: Amxander

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PROFILED: Amxander