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Our weekly dose of fresh thread from around the world. Designers you should know and cloths you should buy. This week we talk Calibre.
Shaun Lonergan
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Your weekly dose of fresh thread from around the world. Shit, you should be filling your wardrobe with and designers you should know. This week we talk Calibre the Fashion Forward golden child of Australia that has been delivering inventive classicism for almost 30 years.

If you live in Australia and say the word suiting, the brand 'Calibre' comes to mind. Among the few standout menswear labels in the land down under, Calibre is one of the leaders of the pack. This menswear brand’s has a legacy to back the name with almost 30 years in the game of fashion. Its founder Gary Zecevic must have had a crystal ball when he started the label back in 1989, foreseeing the rising of menswear all the way back in the early '90s. He obviously did not see the future but he did have a stroke of genius to start the first men's only boutique in Australia focusing on ready-to-wear suiting.

From there Calibre has built a legacy that has steered the brand through many challenges in the always changing landscape of fashion. Not many labels can boast about remaining profitable over a 30-year run, especially a menswear brand. The key to the label's success is their steady focus on a menswear stable, the modern suit! Calibre centres their product range around suiting. A smart move as the target audience of men with money, generally working in the private sector, always needs a supply of fresh suits. A smart customer life cycle if you ask me. The brand offers a full range selection from suiting to casual wear and accessories.

Beyond the suiting range, Calibre's ability to evolve with its audience has been tiered to remain fashion-forward in the conservative market. Australian men are not exactly the most innovative or individualistic with their wardrobe choices. But Calibre has a perfected formula for walking the fine line between stylish and wearable. They bring fashion movements from the global scene and translate those details into smaller bite-sizes of fashion for the every-day gent.

Through this process, they have carved out an aesthetic that sits between traditional Italian styling and fashion forward casual wear, basically reflecting the boss Lifestyle every guy is working to achieve. Their range is formally centered around the traditional man's wardrobe and silhouettes and in the smaller design details is where the fashion magical happens. But the fashion magical comes at a cost and there is no lie that Calibre is at the pricier end of a clothing purchase. Impulse buying from an establishment like Calibre is generally only allowed for the 'comfortable' man.


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So why should you buy Calibre and blow close to 1000 dollars on a suit?  Well for a start, their quality is impeccable, from the fabric selections to the craftsmanship. Calibre has a lockdown on quality standards in all their products. I have actually had the pleasure of working both in the store and on the design room floor, I can assure you the brand goes to great lengths to bring the best of the best to its customers, especially in their suiting. It will most likely be the closest you will get to a Tom Ford suit without blowing thousands of dollars. You get bang for your buck when you buy Calibre, whether it's a basic cotton tee or a three-piece suit you know the styles will last the distance. Also, you will look stylish AF.

Calibre has product quality lockdown and they can't do much more to lower their prices. But remaining relevant to the next generation is key for a legacy brand to remain profitable for the future. However, Calibre has generally lagged behind in the adaption to all things digital and speaking to a younger audience. The challenge to bridge the gap between IRL store to a digital space is difficult when selling a premium product that relays so heavily on service as a key selling point. But Calibre has just started to pierce the digital wall when Mark Coombes took over the marketing reins. He has revamped the E-commerce experience and is driving social media to a new level. However, they still lack some of the digital norms we have become accustomed to, like free and speedy delivery or a bunch of native content to be consumed. The brand still has a long way to go if they want to transition into another 30 years of sales and attract the next generation of success and wealth.

The brand may not have the latest streetwear-trend brand or selling the hottest ugly sneaker. Although, if you're chasing the modern look to build up your wardrobe foundations or shopping for evening wear/suiting, you can’t look past Calibre. Guys, even if you're located outside of Australia give Calibre some serious attention, from Australia to Pakistan or Zimbabwe you will look dope in Calibre no matter where you are. Buying from Calibre will be worth the money, an investment in your wardrobe never goes astray when you're talking about the quality of this brand.


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