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Shaun James
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I'm always on the lookout for contemporary brands to shop, ideally ones that don't blow so much smoke up there ass that they think they can charge in the price bracket of LV or Givenchy. Ideally, I want to find a brand that is Unique-ish (nothing is original anymore), explores new concepts, and finally, a store that does not showcase a range of carbon copies of runway trends from last season. An equation that is often hard to narrow down and even harder to find in the menswear space.

So when I stumble across a label that is unique in its approach to design and delivers a fresh perspective in menswear style, I take notice, and G.L.E.T. N.Y.C. has caught my eye for a while now. The label hails from New York City ( as the name would suggest, Dah) and often brings styles to the table that can make one step back and think, really would anyone where that. While that may sound like a criticism, it most defiantly is not. This label can surprise me and question their validity and approach to design, which is a hell of a lot more interesting, than the cookie-cutter labels that cling onto W.G.S.M. trend reports for all their inspiration.

GLET NYC is a genderfluid label that primarily lands in the realm of menswear that dabbles in womenswear aesthetic from time to time. I mean hell, they can't go out there, over wise their profit margins would be somewhat lacking. While offering leotards and pleather pants, they also provide some dynamic and experimental menswear styles. They are no stranger to playing with fabric selections and, more often than not, opt for the bold choices when it comes to fabrication, playing with color and texture in many of their selected styles. Which I FUCKING love. We need to see more experimentation in fabrics and color selection when it comes to menswear. I'm tired of the same old safe selection of red, blue, navy, and B&W color selection that most menswear labels stick to, to gain in the dollar.

Prime example of these styles from both G.L.E.T NYC and the brands they represent, are the Devore Velour Denim Jacket by KaWaKey or the Patent Pleather Pants. The jacket blends pale pink tones with bright acid wash spots, while the pants are... well pleather.

Patent Pleather Pants, CLICK TO SHOP

More importantly, the brand plays with silhouette and garment styling without going too crazy and losing wearability for the buyer. They have struck a great balance between contemporary, exciting, and wearable, a hard recipe to master, but when done well is a masterpiece of mens fashion.

There aesthetic is gender fluid; however, for me, I feel like they have taken the club kid style from New York clubs, add a touch of grunge from the London 1980s. Blended the aesthetics, dialed back the drama, and delivered a modern wearable fashion form.

Devore Velour Denim Jacket CLICK TO SHOP (nikolasnyc shoot by Nico G)

furthermore their store site also offers a wide range of brands that are a close pair to GLET NYC, adding to their overall aesthetic. Whoever is their buyer needs a clap as they have done an excellent job of selecting products that add to each other. Rather than offering a few design-focused pieces from each brand, they have curated their selection to allow shoppers to create full outfits in the one store easily (if you're driving home the gender-fluid, contemporary style ideals).

I do have a criticism, their online experience needs some work, I found it jarring to navigate, and a bit bland to experience, considering their branding is rather loud in its approach. I believe a new store is under construction. But beyond that, claps to this N.Y.C. born brand and store.

I have not had a chance to order any style before this review, but I will be sure to update once I have.

Check out G.L.E.T NYC at and also shop the following designer in store.


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