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Noisin connected with this fashion leader to gain his insight on menswear as we head into 2020.
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As one of Australia's leading fashion Influencers, Street Style Poser is no stranger to  forming the boundaries of style and delivering his honest opinion on the state of fashion. His comedic approach is never lost on us, and a lighter approach to fashion that is need right now. Noisin connected with this fashion leader to gain his insight on menswear and re-connect to style as we slowly move towards normal post Pandemic.

N: What is a current menswear trend you're in love with, and what is one direction that needs to end?

SSP: I am obsessed with Harry Styles, Orville Peck, Billy Porter, and how they are bringing attention to the genderqueer/gender-neutral style. I love brands like Palomo Spain, but sometimes I look at their collection and think it is still very much approached from a female perspective. The models they put in their shows also have a very feminine quality (nothing wrong with that), which doesn't sell me the men's perspective. 

That's why I like Styles, Peck or Porter in clothing like Palomo Spain because they still possess a certain masculine quality. When juxtaposed with dresses or blouses or sequin pants, it is more exciting and challenging. 

In terms of "trend" that needs to end, I'm really not into the Vêtement, and Balenciaga ugly is the new chic trend. I understand there has been a shift towards taking the ordinary and making them luxurious, but I don't like the idea of paying a high price to look cheap and ugly. 

I also think it's interesting that this shift started as a subversion towards the rich, luxury, and the people who are rebelling are pretty much the ones normalizing what they were "fighting" against. 

N: What style advise can you offer the everyday man when he is dressing in the morning?

SSP: I think most guys dress without considering the entire look, and that's why the footwear, bags, and accessories can sometimes be underwhelming. Consider the color, the texture, the silhouette and style of your clothes, and pick shoes, bags, and accessories to match. 

Taste level is not necessarily inherent, but you can train your eye and shoes, bags and accessories shouldn't be an afterthought.

Image sourced from Street Style Poser

N: What criteria do you follow when selecting fashion pieces to buy?

SSP: I tend to study pieces before I buy them. I make sure I don't already own something similar. I look at my existing wardrobe and see how I can work mix this piece and match with other outfits. For me, it's also about the cost-per-wear. While I tend to buy seasonal pieces, I make sure it's something I can wear over and over again rather than just a one-off. My other advice is don't follow trends blindly.

N: What is the best place online to find the perfect menswear styles? considering we can only online shop right no.

SSP: I guess it depends on your definition of perfect. If we're talking in terms of selection, I would say Farfetch and Ssense since both e-tailers have a broad and varied range. Ssense used to be bold with their buy, carrying interesting and runway pieces. They're more focused on streetwear brands these days, which I can understand from a commerce perspective, but from a fashion point of view, it doesn't quite have the same buzz that it used to. 


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Style in review Street Style poser

Modern Thread

Style in review Street Style poser