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Often the most underrated garment in the wardrobe. The humble white shirt has some serious style power. Check out our exclusive list of the best white threads going around and how to wear it like a boss.
Shaun Lonergan
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When it comes to a well-constructed wardrobe, there are certain staples that should be present. I’m sure you have heard the list 100 times over; a well-made suit, good pair of pants, solid collection jeans and so on, but one garment that is often overlooked in its style power is the classic white shirt.

It does not seem like the most powerful piece in the mix, however, styled correctly and used well the humble white shirt can become the centrepiece of outfits.

We are not just talking your basic business white-collar work shirt, think outside the lines and search for shirt in different fabric. In summer, look for linen blends with a relaxed fit. While in winter, a solid cotton will keep you looking sharp.

Silhouette is important here. For the casual setting, hunt for designs that have a shortened length so you don’t look like the idiot that forgot to tuck himself in or on the opposite end of the scale, pick up shirts with extra length for a contemporary feel. Don’t be afraid of the long shirt, especially if you’re average to tall and slim to average build.

The showstopper of the white shirt outfit is styled tucked into a structured pant. Go slim with a solid fit, preferably with side panelling, as it will shape to the body nicely. Wear with cropped or rolled hems in the relaxed fit pant matched with casual leather sneakers and this outfit screams come at me girls or guys, whatever you prefer.

Detailing is EVERYTHING, it will distinctively show the difference between a quick high street pickup and a top of the line brand. Think of it as the difference between a Kia and a Porsche and the look it creates. Clever darting details, modern collar design, interesting button placement or the adding of banding and embroidery are all signs you’re on the right track to a good shirt pick up. Please, for the love of god, don’t buy a shirt with all the bells and whistles, you don’t want to look like a prom date from the 80’s. Focus on shirts that have one or two mint details.

Fabrics are important too, we know it’s a pain but take the time to look at what the garment is made from, do not buy a polyester shirt unless you want to look like a sweaty Josef frizzle on MTV cribs.

To help everyone out we have compiled a list a FEW of the best labels to hit up, however, there are plenty more fish in the sea.


Not as cool as some of its counterparts, but Etro makes some amazing shirts. Clean and classic with subtle detailing, for the classic man in the room.


While Moschino is generally outrageous in all the right ways, they do pare it back to create some wearable designs. Crisp comes to mind when looking at their white shirts and always with cheeky detailing.Calibre

Calibre clothing white shirt


When it comes to Australian brands, Calibre is way up on the ladder. They love a slim fit shirt and they are experts at it, with amazing fabrication and always interesting detailing.

Thom Browne

One of the coolest menswear labels going around, mainly due to the Asian market, but hell they know how to dress, so let’s not question it. A more relaxed fit however, they do amazing detailing and their signature colour trio of navy, red and white will ensure you’re sporting a contemporary look. Branding is on point and everyone will know you are wearing Thom Browne.

Thom Browne

Tom Ford

Do we need to explain this one? Sexy, expensive, well fitted and timeless. If you can afford the price tag, just do it.

Tom Ford embroidered white shirt

Dolce & Gabbana (D&G)

The often-underrated D&G kills it in menswear. D&G is a luxury classic with serious Italian edge and their shirts are no different. Generally, their fits throw more towards a slim tailored feel and their fabric is on a whole other level. The price tag is insane but worth every dollar spent. If you want to splurge, go no further than D &G.

Jak + Jack White shirt

Jak + Jack

We had to throw these guys into the mix. Jak + Jack are known for their effortless luxury, while they may not hit the mark of REAL luxury, they do produce amazing threads that are minimal, clean and timeless.


Modern Thread

The Crisp White Shirt

Modern Thread

The Crisp White Shirt