David Attenborough has joined Instagram, and ready to educate the youth

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David Attenborough has joined Instagram and gained millions of follows in days. He has a strong message for the youth of today. Our plant is fuck, but there is hope to change it. He plans to educate us about the tools to change the plant.
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That is right, the legend Sir David Attenborough has joined Instagram.

The thought of anyone over 80 joining social media can make the 'youth' feel slightly uncomfortable. They don't understand how we connect and communicate. Yet, Sir David Attenborough is one of the few that can bridge the gap between the young and old, and do so on the playing field of the youth... social media.

David Attenborough the influencer

Most of us have grown up listening to the calming voice of the veteran broadcaster. He has dedicated his life's work to educating the world about the natural world and the amazing animals that exist throughout its lands.

He can easily be categorised in the same calibre as the late RBG, as a millennial hero. More importantly, he is a figure of respect, one that can command the attention of many, regardless of age. With his recent emergence on Instagram, he intends to utilise social influence for education, focusing the attention of all users to the sorry state of the natural world.

Attenborough social feed

Sir David is not here for endless self reels and fit posts. The legend is employing his fame to inform the wider world about climate change and the catastrophic effects of global warming. Consequences we are already experiencing across the globe, with extreme weather changes.

In his first post, an insta story, he lists the climate events that are destroying the world. Continents on fire, coral reefs dying and glaciers melting, the list is endless. Followed by a message of hope and a promise to examine these issues specifically and provide tools for how we can collectively tackle them.

He ends the post with the statement "stay tuned". The caption explains that  Colin Butfield and Jonnie Hughes, colleagues of Sir David on ‘A Life On Our Planet’, will manage the account. The caption also details how Sir David aims to create content to educate. Highlighting the tool for change, and the pair will assist in all things Instagram. Let's be honest social media is not a native habitat for the broadcaster.

It appears the strategy is working, with the account gaining 4+ million followers in 3 days. Proving there is an audience for this content and knowledge, we only needed a leader. I can't think of a better one then the legend Sir David Attenborough.


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David Attenborough has joined Instagram, and ready to educate the youth