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Candy Ken


Shaun Lonergan
16 mins

Who the FUCK is Candy Ken? That is the question I asked my self when I stumbled across this magical unicorns insta page. With one swipe of a finger, I scrolled through a flash of flexed biceps, pink short shorts, hello kitty stickers, glittered grills and some glam nail polish. All contributing facts that are conflicting stereotypes by normal standards.

I found myself wanting to categories this character, put some boundaries around his persona so I was able to understand what was unraveling before my eyes. I stopped for a brief moment and realized, oh fuck, my programming was forcing me to define Candy Ken into a definitive category. I checked my self and stopped debating if this character was fake, real, gay, straight, bi or all of the above and just simply enjoyed the energy that Candy Ken manifested.

The young artist has challenged the ideas of gender stereotype with his dramatic gender representation. He raps about falling in love with a porn star, being a bird boy and representing everyone who feels different. All while wearing pink pants and covered head to toe in hello kitty stickers. Outside of the box is definitely the norm for Candy Ken, as we learned when Noisin profiled this dramatic character. Candy Ken lives ever day unshameable as himself, whether you like him or not, you can't argue with the power of self-belief. Learn more about how dynamic Candy Ken is.

N: What did the persona of Candy Ken develope from?
CK: Out of our prude and strict society.

N: Do you feel a need to push gender boundaries or has gender fluidity come naturally to you as an artistic expression?
CK: I feel a big need to express myself cause we live in a very narrow-minded and conservative world.

N: In your own words, what is the purpose of your work?
CK: Spread love - change the world - inspire and motivate you - unite creatives and everyone who feels different and not accepted - make life more colorful and beautiful  - help you become the best you - question everything - be aware and happy - have the best day ever and tomorrow is gonna be even better - to love yourself.

N: Where did your love for Hello Kitty start?
CK: When I realised I’m not supposed to like it as an adult man.

Candy ken and friend

N: Can you talk us through your inspiration for your latest single 'Porn Star'?
CK: Porn is something nobody talks about but everyone watches - it’s important for me to reflect today’s society in my art - porn definitely plays a big part right now so I had to express that.

N: I have to ask did you actually fall in love with a porn star?
CK: Of course! Big time - don’t we all?

N: Can you tell us about your creative process when making music and music videos, from inspiration to release?
CK: I have a million ideas rushing constantly thru my brain and try to execute as much as I can - I constantly work on many projects at the same time and get daily inspiration mostly online from culture and society - I first try to check out what’s possible and who I could work with to make it work and then step by step create my vision.

N: Second, to that question, what is your process for creating a look?
CK: It’s simple- I don’t take myself seriously - don’t let anyone tell me what I can wear or can’t and then just go for what I love - we should all dothat !

N: You have a conflicting representation of gender identity, from a physical form your show as highly masculine, however, your character and style can be perceived as very effeminate. Why do you think people have such an issue with your gender conflicting stereotypes?
CK: People try to hold on to old rules and shit and are always afraid of change and something new that they don’t know - it’s time to get educated and raise awareness of social conditioning- clothes and colors have no gender.

N: What do you have to say to people who want to define your character into stereotypes?
CK: I made a song about you -

N: You seem to have complete control of your artistic expression and very protective over the Candy Ken image. Do you curate your representation your self or is there a team that helps you?
CK: Myself baby! I direct and style almost everything myself and even edit my own music videos!

N: You go full nude on the regular and you seem very confident in your own skin, has this always been the case or have you had to challenge your own beliefs of your self to become self-confident?  
CK: I have struggled a lot as a teenager but the gym really helped to feel confident and better - get healthy - start exercising - sleep enough and eat clean and I promise you will feel confident and great! You might even feel confident enough to accept yourself nude .

N: In one of your collaborations, you stated a lyric  'I represent everyone who feels different', how does this representation manifest in your everyday life?
CK: I live every day as an example of being free and urself showing you that it is possible and that you Ken do it 2! I am candy ken 247 all year long !!! And it makes me more than happy

Candy Ken in Gucci sunnies

N: Can you subscribe to your fan base in one sentence?
CK: Unicorn gang gang gang.

N: You have a strong association with the adult entertainment industry and promoting a positive representation of its artist and talent, especially with your latest single 'PornStar" which celebrates the industry. When did this associations start and why?
CK: I always Loved sex and porn and never understood the stigma and hate for the adult industry! I have only recently spoken up thou because living in LA gives me opportunities to work with pornstars.
N:  What does Candy Ken stand for?
CK: I stand for you! If u love urself you love candy ken.

N: What is next for Candy Ken?
CK: Hopefully a TV reality show! It’s about time...



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