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We had a quick chat with Maxime, or 70'svogue, to dicess his love of all this monogram and how he has managed content create a middle the world crisis.

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Maxime, aka 70’s Vogue.

Influencer, Menswear, Mens style

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The sneaker head hailing from France, Maxime, or known by his social handle 70s.vogue. Has been cutting his teeth as a high end fashion influencer through a hype beast lens. Signed to one of the Millennial/Gen Z leaders in the luxury influencer fashion space The PAUSE Agency, Maxime has cemented his love for all things fashion monogram, and he wears it well.

While the style of extreme monograthic prints wavers in prominence. Maxime has built his reputation on reimagining the monogram style and showing his following the versatility of the aesthetic. That is the interesting take of Maxime, he has built a aesthetic on the humble monogram. took a quick 5 with the rising fashion influencer to get a take on his style, approach to fashion and origin story. Check out his instagram and Youtube Channel.

Orginal Image sourced from Maxime Instagram


ND: Can you give us a little detail on your influencer journey and how you built your following?

I don't really have a particular path, I was very lucky. I work a lot with my outfits and content, it stresses me all the time I want to offer great content.

ND: What drove you to become an influencer within the fashion space?

I always loved fashion, and I just wanted to share the way I have assembled styles and I love the challenge of constantly finding new combinations of outfits.

ND: Can you explain your fashion style in your own words?

Monogrammed because I am in love with the monogram detail.

ND: Where do you pull inspiration from when building a look?

I take inspiration from my sneakers as the starting point. When creating an outfit I choose according to the pair I’m feeling and the rest I do by feel.

ND: In your eyes what is the most relevant fashion label right now for menswear?

I have two brands, first is cold laundry, an emerging brand that has a lot of potential, followed by Gucci, which in my eyes, are ahead of a lot of fashion.

ND: What is your current go-to item in your wardrobe?

I don't really know, I’m drawn to so many pieces, it's a very hard choice. If I had to choose, I would say my Rolex Submariner as it was a childhood dream of mine to own one.

ND: How has your approach to content creations changed with the influence of Covid-19?

I dialed back on my content schedule a lot during the covid crisis. I preferred to take a step back to create better content once the crisis has relaxed.

ND: We notice you have quite the sneaker collection, so from your perspective what are the most relevant sneakers of 2020?

Right now I will say without hesitation the Nike Sb travis Scott.

ND: What excited you from the Fall/Winter menswear Fashion weeks?

What excited me was the superimposition of the pieces, and of course the trend of oversized silhouettes.

ND: What your thoughts on the digital transition to fashion shows?

I'm not really a fan, but I understand why it is needed during the Covid-19. I’m Hoping that the shows will resume in 2021.



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