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Mike Tambo


N: It must feel amazing being able to represent a side of Australia that is sadly not as celebrated as it should be. Through merging the worlds of Indigenous culture and urban music, creating a unique musical experience for all. How has the indigenous community received your approach in the representation of Gamilaraay culture through a modern lens?

MT: My community and extended community have been so supportive of my journey, vision, and purpose. The outpouring of love and support I have received across all platforms has been so amazing. To receive video messages from elders that don't generally use social media has just blown me away in particular.

N: Not going to lie, you have some killer style, and you have seriously repped some stunning contemporary streetwear looks on stage. How do you approach your styling decision when you know you're stepping onto a national stage?

MT: To be honest, I love fashion, and I love my culture to the absolute fullest. So when approaching what I'm going to wear, it's always important that who I am as a proud cultural man, and a modern contemporary man are celebrated where possible. 

N: Has your journey on Australia's Got Talent (AGT) given you a new perspective on your singing career?

MT: My journey on AGT definitely empowered me to push myself and discover a whole other side of me vocally, which I am very grateful. 

N: It's clear that your mother is a powerful woman and a significant influence on your life and artistry. How did she support you through your AGT journey?

MT: My Mum is a very strong and passionate woman who I would have to say is my biggest fan without a doubt haha. Mum supported me through my AGT journey simply by jumping on my vision and believing me and my team. There was no room for doubt or what if's. 

N: Reality TV hype is just that, Hype, while you have captured the hearts of a nation on AGT, how are you going to approach the next year to maintain the momentum coming off the show. 

MT: My plan is to continue to work hard, count my blessings along the way, and continue to strive to hit goals and set new ones along the way. 

N: It's been a few months since AGT has wrapped, how has your life changed post-show?

MT: My life has certainly changed, although the things that make me ME, such as family, home life, etc.. are the same, which I am really thankful. 

N: Can you talk us through the concept for your album Guurrama-Li, and what process did you use when creating the top-chart album?

MT: The process of creating my album was quite organic. To be honest, I feel like I just let my spirit do the talking and put my mind aside to let out what I was truly feeling at that particular point of time. 

N: It's clear that you have a massive fan base that is campaigning you as a selection for Australia's euro vision contender. How have you prepared for the deciding event in February 2020?

MT: The support of the nations and abroad as a whole that lobbied for me to do Eurovision is something I am still trying to digest, as the support and love has blown me away. In preparing for 'Australia Decides,' I have put myself in a position to not only grow but create something I truly believe in. 

N: If you are selected, do you already have an idea of how you would represent Australia in the Eurovision song contest?

MT: If I was selected to head over to Eurovision, I have a slight idea however, at this point in time I feel it's important for me to take it one step at a time and put all of my energy into 'Australia Decides'. 

N: It's so important for Australia to recognize the diverse and vibrant language ecosystem in aboriginal culture. It is a part of our history that is often forgotten, considering you have brought the language to the mainstream, how can we continue the exploration of Gamilaraay and other indigenous languages?

MT: The best way to learn more is to reach out and immerse yourself in the community you currently live in and create meaningful relationships, and as that unfolds, you will learn.

N: As a modern and young Gamilaraay and Birri Gubba man sitting at the intersection of your motherland and leading a modern existence. In your opinion, how can we connect the gap between the indigenous community in Australian and modern society to continue to mend a great divide in our country's culture? 

MT: I think a good start is creating meaningful relationships as simple as sitting and having open discussions from a grassroots level without a "top-down" approach. It's a question we could talk about all day however I think this would be a good starting point. 



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