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Patrick Church


Shaun Lonergan
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When you view Patrick Church’s work, there is an organic and raw connection to the work with an inherent sense of openness and vulnerability. The celebrated artist and painter, Church, has recently dipped into the pool of fashion design to become one of the hottest emerging designers in the underground Manhattan scene.

His designs have been worn by an impressive list of artists and celebrities, including Tan France, Jake Shears, Teyana Taylor, and Ashlee Simpson Ross. From the outside looking in, you might see Church as a bold and boisterous public figure, with style as fabulous as his personality. However, upon closer inspection, there is a much deeper and valuable dimension to this rising star's persona.

We connected with Patrick Church to discuss his creative work and personal life. We learned that LOVE is the core value that from which church functions. Whether it is his deep connection with his husband or the deep passion for his creative work, Patrick expresses warmth and humility. His work is an exploration into his mind and how he's navigated the often complex narrative of his life. This is delivered in pieces and designs that show vulnerability but are created with a sense of humor and kindness. No matter what this bright talent decides to do next, we will all follow - to be witness to his expression of love and be moved his interpretation of his mind.

1. First, we want to say how inspired we are by your work, it has an inherent sense of joy and love. What is the purpose of the art you create?

To make sense of the world around me. It's very definitely autobiographical, visceral almost.

2. How did you transition from painting and drawing mediums to designing and reworking fashion pieces?

It was such an organic process, these are the two things I love the most: art and fashion, it is how I express myself the best.

3. What inspired the move to New York City from London?

I came once to visit and fell in love… Not with the city but with my husband, who lived here. So I just followed my heart.I always do.

4. Being a professional artist involves a lot of vulnerability when releasing your work to the world, do you follow any spiritual or meditative practice to stay grounded and protect your own mental health?

This is something I really need to work on, but my work often comes before everything, it can be therapeutic at times but also challenging….balance is something I struggle with, but I feel unwell, mentally and physically if I don’t make work.

Patrick Church fashion design

5. You have connected with people from many different backgrounds and across two of the biggest cities in the world (London and New York City), why do you think your work is so universally loved and relevant to a diverse audience?

I think it’s because it is authentic and there’s a sense of humor to it, it's hard to be precise about oneself… I feel so grateful, especially meeting the amazing and inspiring people along the way.

6. Can you run us through a typical week in the life of Patrick?

Love is on the top of the list along with work. I don’t really go out, I am always working in my studio. So between time with my husband and work, that’s pretty much it.  I wake up super early and like to go to the gym in the mornings, my brain is always thinking about what's next creatively, there is so much I want to do.

7. Can you walk us through your creative process?

I don’t really have a process, its normal chaos in my brain, things have to unfold naturally, it can’t be too thought out, everything is usually instinctive.

8. I noticed you have an infinity for Birkins and high luxury fashion items, where did this love for luxury steam from and what do these fashion items represent for you?

My mother always had nice things growing up, I appreciate beauty and craftsmanship, but aside from this I don’t think they represent much really, its great to have nice things, but at the end of the day it is just ‘stuff’.

9. Pass 'ruining' (although I personally think you improve) your own Birkin's, have you personalized the Birkin's of any clients?

Yes, many of them

Patrick Church fashion design

Patrick Church

10. Since launching you're E-boutique to promote your clothing line have you found success with a direct to client approach?

Yes, I always wanted to make sure I was as close to the people buying my work as possible, it seems sad to distance myself from the people that are interested in my pieces as it feels they are buying an extension of myself.

11. The love you show for your husband on social media is heartwarming and the connection you share literally spills out of the phone screen and into the hearts of the viewers. Has your connect with Adriel changed how you express your self through your art?

He has changed everything, in every way, I still pinch myself every day when I wake up next to him, there has been so much change it is impossible to explain. We grow together every day, I feel as though I wasn’t alive before I met him.

12. What are the biggest social courses you are currently passionate about?

I'm really most concerned with peoples ability to express themselves freely and without judgment.

Patrick Church fashion design

13. In the '‘What I learned about my queerness from drawing one self-portrait a day’ serious you created with Them Magazine, you created a portrait that stated 'I never felt strong, brave or desired. 26 and sometimes have no idea who I am. I fell like a scared child.'  This is a feeling I believe all 20 somethings can relate to, even if we are reluctant to admit it. How have you overcome these thoughts of disapproval and lack of belonging or have you learned how to live with the darker side of you personally?

I don’t think I will ever overcome these thoughts, sometimes I feel like I can’t live inside my head, but life doesn’t stop, you have to try and keep going, even when you don’t believe you can.

14. Following on from above, do you feel more comfortable embracing vulnerability with age?

Let’s say I handle my insecurities better today than I did yesterday.

15. The outfits you post on Instagram are generally gendered diverse and don't follow any social construct. Do you dress provocatively to attract attention or is it a purely a representation of your self and style?

A pure representation of myself.

14. What is next for Patrick Church?

AW19, and another Birkin of course.



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